I was born in Tucson Arizona in 1980 to my parents Michael Whitmer and Teresa Whitmer. I'm the second child in a family of 5. My older sister, Melissa, is two and a half years my senior and currently has 4 kids. I have three younger brothers, Brian, Kevin and Joel. Brian is just about 3 years younger than I am, Kevin is 7 years younger and Joel is 10 years younger. Let me introduce you to them all.
My dad, Michael K. Whitmer, was born in Mississippi but spent his growing up years all over Arizona. He is one of 10 children in his family, the youngest being only about 5 years older then me.

He went to University of Arizona for college is freshman year and then served an LDS mission to Canada. When he got back he attended BYU where he met my mom and they got married.

Putting it politely, he has dabbled in many professional fields but finally has comfortable settled into a position he enjoys as a seminary teacher (religion teacher). He loves his profession.

He's a sports enthusiast and BYU is his team. He enjoys the outdoors and has recently taken up fly fishing. He's a very intelligent person who loves to read and is very quick witted. Overall he's a great person to call "dad".

Mom, Teresa D. Whitmer, grew up in Huntington Utah. She's a farm girl who spent summers hawling hay, milking cows, and feeding pigs. Her tomboy ways led her to becoming a shortstop on her fastpitch softball team.

She went to UVSC for college, but refers to it as the "trade tech" since that's what it was called back then. She played softball in college and then married my dad. She's had a few kids since then and now is infactuated with being a grandma.

Mom's passively manipulative. She always can con someone into doing something she needs or wants but the reason she can do this is because she absolutely cannot take advantage of another person so people trust her. She's a great role model, and an even better mom.

This is my sister, Melissa D. DeMoux. She was born in 1977 in Provo Utah. She was a hooligan growing up, always planning and scheming and finding ways to get her siblings in trouble. Miss could also throw a tantrum with the best of em.

She played basketball and volleyball in school, but enjoyed poetry and choir a bit more. She has quite a collection of poems, some inspiring, some playful and bunch that are rather random. She attended USU for a year but then came back to the Salt Lake Valley and went to SLCC

She met Josh somewhere around January of 1999 and they dated for a few months and got married in August. Her first child was born in June of 2000 and 5 years later they just had their fourth. Her life is her kids and family and since becoming a mom she's kind of turned into a girl, but I suppose that's okay.

She's still the tease and mischiveous little "rat" that she's always been, thank goodness, but now her task must be to pass those traits on ;)

My brother-in-law Josh is an interesting character. I shan't share with you his upbringings because I don't know them so his character description can only begin around March of 1999 when we first met. Actually the only real memory I have of him back then was he would always try and offer me things so as to bribe me into acception him. I acted like I had no idea and took advantage of everything he offered.

Josh is a completely selfless person. If he sees a need he does his best to fill that need, regardless who it is. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in psychology and he loves interacting with people. Unlike the majority of our family (everyone but dad), he likes to talk and converse (he's gonna end up as one of those grandpas that knows someone no matter where in the world they are).

Overall he's a good guy and a very good father and a very good husband. There's not many people who I'd be willing to trust with my sister, but he is definitely one of them

Brian C. Whitmer was a "sensitive" child, as my parents say. Because he was so "sensitive" he rarely felt the rath of my parents like my sister and I did. He also found some particular satisfaction in making sure that mom and dad knew exactly everything that Missy and I did growing up. Because of this we tagged him with the nic-name "brian the baby brat". What a taddle-tale he was!

Brian didn't play sports all that much growing up. He did his obligatory few years of baseball when he was young but by the time he was in his teens he had given up athletics and focused more on song and dance. He particapated in various groups and travelled around the country performing.

He served a mission in Pittsburg Penn after which he enrolled at BYU and is studying computer science. He got married July 2005 to Paula Hansen and the are happily living in Provo and going to school.

Paula, well I don't know all that much about Paula but she makes Brian happy and so that's a very important thing. She is going to BYU but I'm not sure what she is studying. She hails from Colorado where her family still lives. She is a bit younger than Brian, although I'm not sure by how much, maybe a year or two.

Paula is as odd as Brian is. They have a good time together but to outsiders they might appear as one of the more "interesting" couples around. Paula was a gymnist growing up and I think she even taught gymnastics but I'm not sure. She's a good girl and I suppose I'll get to know more about her as time goes on.

Kevin R. Whitmer was a good kid growing up. There was enough of an age difference between us that I don't remember playing with him much as a child but I do remember tormenting him (with Brian I might add) back in the day. He always has enjoyed technology and has immersed himself in it since I can remember.

Kevin is very musically inclined. He has played who knows how many instruments but mostly focuses his efforts on the piano. Kevin sang in choirs and such growing up and also participated in the same type of song and dance groups as Brian. He is a very intelligent kid and is currently studying at Utah State University to become an engineer or something like that.

Joel A. Whitmer is 10 years my junior. He was born on christmas day which kind of made the christmas of 1990 a bit different than any I have experienced in my life. Once again because of age discrepancies I didn't spend much time with Joel when he was real young but he enjoyed sports and such more than my other two brothers, and so I've been able to develop a relationship with Joel beecause I've been his baseball coach for five years.

Joel is more social then most of the family. He's interested in making sure he fits in with the cool people but he has to battle the "geek" within him, like the rest of us did, so he doesn't alienate himself from the crowd. Joel has once heck of a temper, most of the family eats their frustrations but Joel is more vocal and showy with his anxiety. But overall he is a very good kid

Mom and Dad up Big Cottonwood Canyon
Family at Four Corners
Brian, Paula and Joel at Wall Lake
Sister and Brother-In-Law up Big Cottonwood Canyon
Family learning to surf in Florida
Joel, Aubrey and Parker at our family reunion in Arizona
Extended family in the Whitmer side (family reunion 2005)
Eagle Scouts on mom's side, Granges