“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” - Henry Thoreau

Most pictures on the pages related to flyfishing have come from and the network of experienced fly tiers and flyfisherman found there.

The Provo River is one of the most fished rivers in all the state of Utah. If you're looking for solidarity this probably isn't the place; on any given day you might find 5 or 6 fisherman crammed into a 200 foot stretch of water. But even with the crowds of people the Provo River offers excellent fishing. Only minutes away from Provo and Orem and under 40 minutes from Salt Lake, the Provo River is a great place to toss a fly.

My Conversion Story

The Weber River is an excellent fishery located about 40 minutes east of Salt Lake. Part of the river runs through private land and so it's imperative to do your research and know where you can and cannot fish. But once you're on in the river the Weber holds many browns and whitefish eager to take a fly (especially beadheaded nymphs).

I picked up flyfishing for real about two years ago but I was introduced to the sport about seven years ago by a good friend of mine. He took me to fish the Weber and Provo and I had a blast and would have loved to start fishing in earnest right then but a mission and schooling kind of took priorty at the time.

For my birthday in 2003 my parents bought me a fly rod and from there I haven't really put the thing down. I spent a lot of time that summer trying to figure out the sport on my own. Trip after trip I came home without landing a fish but for some reason I kept going back. Now I'll be the first to admit that fly fishing is 100% easier when you have someone to help teach you and guide you but I didn't have that luxury so I spent a lot of time studying and researching and trying to learn and understand everything from casting techniques to entomology. Thank heavens for the internet!

So after a long summer, countless hours of research, multiple outings getting skunked and a very expensive "swim" down the Provo I finally started catching fish. Now it's two years later and I still fish the Provo and I still love it, but I also have found some other pretty spectacular strectches of water that tickle my fancy.

I'm not sure I can help you understand why fly fishing is so magnificent but I can at least try and show you why I love it. And if you're a fisherman yourself I've tried to include flies and techniques that have helped me fish each specific water successfully. Hope you enjoy

The Uinta Mountains are one of my personal favorite places to fish. Maybe that's because I could go a whole day without catching anything and still love every minute I spent on the river or in the lake enjoying the wilderness. But most fish in the Uintas are extremely eager to take whatever you put out there for them. It's a great place to take beginners but also a great place for the pros to hook into a few trout.


such as the green river, huntington creek, north platte, and anywhere else

Such as Deer Creek, Jordanelle, East Canyon, Yuba, the Berry and others.