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Lake Blanche Specifics

  • Distance round trip: 6 miles
  • Total Hike Time: 4.5 hours
  • Trailhead Name: Mill B South
  • Trailhead Elevation: 6,320ft
  • Lake Blanche Elevation: 8,900ft
  • Elevation Gain: 2,680ft
  • Hiking Season: Summer to Late Fall
  • Trailhead Location: 4.4 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Blanche to Lake Florence: 200ft
  • Blanche to Lake Lillian: about 200ft
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Sunset at the top
Aspen Grove
View from the trail


Blanche Lake is a good hike that is close to the Salt Lake Valley. Roundtrip it is about 6 miles and takes roughly 4 hours to complete. Iíve only done the hike once, myself, but let me give you an overview of what I thought.

  • The hike itself is fairly steep gaining about 2700ft of elevation in only 3 miles. The trail is well marked so you shouldnít have any worries about getting lost. The scenery is pretty amazing. I did this hike in August and most all the wildflowers were still in bloom. The trail heads up a side canyon and cuts through groves of aspen most of the way until you reach the lake. The scenery at the lake is spectacular with Sundial Peak towering above and virtually framing Lake Blanche. The water is crystal clear. Itís everything you could hope for when visiting an isolate mountain lake.

  • There are no fires allowed within 500ft of the lake (I think itís 500ft), but you are allowed to camp if you like. There are two other lakes close by, Lillian and Florence and both are worth visiting. The lake is visited by a healthy number of people throughout the year. Trail runners, families, outdoors enthusiast and more find this to be a great location to spend their time (this is the only bad part about having this hike so close to the valley). But even with all the other people youíll more than likely be able to find time all to yourself in this serene location.

  • I spent time fly fishing at Lake Blanche and I did very well using a royal coachman. The fish are relatively small brook trout, the biggest I brought in was about 12Ē but it was fun to fish on such a pristine lake with no one else around. Iím sure you could have just as much success on a spinning rod with a lure or some powerbait.

Overall this is a great place to spend a saturday

Overlooking the canyon
Actual Trail
Blanche Lake
Fly Fishing Blanche
Our hiking party starting our journey
Sunset on Blanche
Blanche with Sundial Peak towering behind
Stop along the way
My bro and his Wife