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Books I've read since 2003

  1. The Great Gatsby
  2. 1984
  3. The Invisible Man
  4. Tale of Two Cities
  5. Crime and Punishment
  6. Farewell to Arms
  7. Animal Farm
  8. The House of Seven Gables
  9. Sila Marner
  10. The Jungle
  11. Two Years Before the Mast
  12. The Banner of the Upright Seven
  13. David Copperfield
  14. Lake Fishing with a Fly
  15. Not My Will but Thine
  16. No Doubt About It
  17. Your Money or Your Life
  18. The Millionaire Next Door
I graduated from Brigham Young University in December of 2003 with a degree in Business Management and an emphasis in Finance. There were a lot of things I loved about BYU and a lot of things I didn't like so much. Here are some of the highlights (classes, experiences, things I learned) from my time spent there.

  • Overall Education
    • BYU is a great school. I really do feel like I received a better education than a lot of my peers who attended other schools. The professors were well prepared and very up to date on all the latest theories and philosophies, the facilities (library, computer labs and such) were impressive, the courses were demanding, overall I am pleased with the education I received.

  • Business Ethics
    • This was probably one of my favorite classes. In it we discussed different business philosophies and the underlying motives behind them. I learned a lot about why we do the things we do and I was forced to decide what beliefs and motives persuaded my actions. I don't know if it was the subject matter or the collection of diverse students in the class but this was an amazing learning experience for me.

  • Professors
    • To be honest I never really got close to any of my professors. I'm not sure if that's because I was never in a class that had less than 40 people or if it was because I tend to fall into the "shy" category. With that said I did have the utmost respect for each professor. There were some who were just there for a paycheck but I'd say the majority of my professors were genuinely interested in "teaching" and that is something I really appreciated.

  • Business
    • I chose to major in business because I felt it would prepare me for life in "the real world". I enjoy numbers and thought finance would tickel my fancy, I was right. The business program was impressive. It opened my eyes to how the world works to how life works. Other than some dumb Organizational Behavior classes and one dumb Public Management class the courses really prepared me well for life. I'm very pleased with the Marriott School of Management and the things I learned in it.

  • Social Atmosphere
    • The social atmosphere at BYU is something that I wasn't to keane on. I'm not sure if it was just me being overwhelmed with everyone at the school being the same as me or if I just didn't fit into the social circles but this was not something that I loved about BYU. I guess I kind of feel like I never really met very many "real" people. I always felt like people there were trying to put on a show to impress, and that's not a bad thing it's just that they never stopped trying to impress which means they never got a chance to be their real selves. Or maybe I'm just pessimistic and can't really believe that everyone at BYU is that good and that happy ALL of the time.

  • GE classses
    • The GE classes at BYU were either very easy or somewhat difficult. I think the most difficult part of it all was getting used to having 800-1000 people in one class. But the GE courses were insightful and I learned a lot from them (guess they did a good job).