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Some how or another the family has picked up the lovely sport of paintballing. The weird thing is that it's dad who is leading the charge. It has been a fun investment however. The family has been on multiple outings where we do our best to inflict the most pain on each other under the facade of playing steal the flag or elimination. They are great toys, now if only we could get mom to play.


This is my nephew Bryce and that's me throwing him onto our trampoline. I guess the reason that I put this in here is that our family is kind of on the random and adventurous side, not just me. I could tell you story after story about things such as blowing lemonade through Joel's nose or suction cupping a jar to mom and dad's stomaches and don't even get me started on firecrackers. Ahhhh, good times.


I went skydiving in May of 1998. What an adventure that was. I think I was on an adrenaline high for a full two weeks afterward. The place I went is located on the west side of Utah Lake. The plane I went up in wasn't much bigger than a bathtub with wings. Eight of us squished into the plane and we were taken up to 10,000 feet where we jumped. It was unreal, I can't even begin to explain the sensation. Absolutely one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

So I've done some pretty random things during my lifetime (then again I'm sure we've all done some random things). I'd really like to share with you some of the more intriguing things on my list but I'm afraid that some of the better stories might reveal a bit too much information about me and my sordid past, well not so sordid but rather "interesting" past. Anyway, here are some of the fun things that I DO feel comfortable sharing with. Some of these adventures are unimpressive, some are really "out there", and others are more along the lines of ordinary but here they are anyway.

It was my good friends birthday wish that we find a group of people to mud wrestle as her present(now before you go and get all perverted on me, we all were well covered clothing-wise). We spent a good couple of hours digging up dirt in her backyard before we felt we had enough for a good wrestle, after the dirt was put in the kiddy pool we heated some water and the mud began.